The Entrepreneur Mentor Society (EMS) is a non-profit organization that aims to foster the education and development of young and aspiring entrepreneurs in the Los Angeles area.

Announcement and News

We're now accepting applications for the next semester anticipated to start in early 2011. Please apply now or click here to learn more. Applicants are accepted on a rolling basis. Spaces are limited.

What is EMS?

The Entrepreneur Mentor Society is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization designed to educate, promote, and develop aspiring young entrepreneurs.

We seek to create a network of today’s talented, brilliant, and powerful college students and young professionals to become tomorrow’s entrepreneurs by providing:

  • Eight (8) Saturday sessions per semester with a wide-range of successful business owners, executives, and entrepreneurs who highlight a specific business topic (i.e. finance, marketing, logistics, operations, IPO).
  • Possible one-on-one mentorship opportunities with successful entrepreneurs
  • Insights into the crucial elements necessary to succeed as an entrepreneur.

Saturday Sessions are 2-3 hour meetings with successful business owners and executives. The guest speaker will discuss the history of his/her startup, explain the nature of the business, highlight relevant business issues and impart general expert advice derived from years of experience. All meetings end with a Q&A session where participants can obtain further advice and clarification. After meeting 30+ successful entrepreneurs in the course of a year (two semesters), members will get a holistic view of “what it takes” to become a successful entrepreneur.

EMS is open to any aspiring entrepreneur. Priority is given to high-achieving college-level, graduate-level and young professional applicants who have a sincere desire to become an entrepreneur. Acceptance into the program is highly competitive and requires the submission of an application. Only 40-45 participants are selected each semester from the hundreds of applicants in the greater Los Angeles area.